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Take Care,

Take Care, is a group exhibition curated by Luna Goldberg featuring new collaborative works by Jamiece Adams, David Heo, Dana Nechmad, Angeliki Tsoli, Julia Sharpe, and Willy Smart. Through textual works, installations, and performative gestures, the artists engage in a dialogue centered around intimacy and nostalgia as they relate to correspondence and language. 

The act of letter-writing has long served the purpose of addressing a recipient, preserving a memory, or divulging a sentiment. Drawing from personal exchanges and revelations, found family films and correspondence between famed lovers, Take Care, invites viewers to consider intimacy in its various forms—its relation to oneself, romantic relationships, place, and the practice of writing. Together, the artists examine what happens between the written word, the medium, the composer, the language, the recipient, and the both distant and intimate act of crafting such messages. Simultaneously, they ask viewers to witness and slip into these roles, to become voyeurs as much as recipients of these exchanges, sentimental objects, and nostalgic reflections.

Ground Level Platform (Chicago, IL)

May 10 - 26, 2019

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