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Women, Womyn, Womxn

In an era of seductive aesthetics, commodity feminism and fake news, Women, Womyn, Womxn examines what it means to build an intersectional political movement and inclusive spaces for womxn. With the rise of American conservatism since the 2016 elections, institutions such as Planned Parenthood have been subject to slander and public attacks. The Hillary Clinton “I’m with Her” campaign brought with it a wave of products inscribed with popular slogans such as “The Future is Female” and “Nasty Woman.” In their use of feminist catchphrases and ‘empowering’ visuals, these products utilized the commercial power of aesthetics and language to passively engage millennials. By purchasing these commodities, people were released from the responsibility of actually participating in civic engagement and social change.   

Featuring interactive installations and performative works by Dana Nechmad and David Heo, Women, Womyn, Womxn questions preconceptions of feminism, recontextualizing its visual language to bring awareness to the emptiness of commodified activism. Centered around sites commonly associated with the female body - the bath and the bed - the exhibition aims to examine the potential of feminism and the aesthetics of femininity by transforming domestic aspects of the Trumbull & Porter hotel room.

Presented as part of Young Curators, New Ideas V for Detroit Art Week 2019.

Trumbull & Porter Hotel Detroit (Detroit, MI)

July 16 - 21, 2019

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