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SAIC MFA Show 2018

The culminating public presentation of more than 100 MFA candidates’ new and ambitious work. Students work for more than six months with three guest curators and 12 curatorial assistants to envision the exhibition, an approach that allows for dialogue, process, and collaborative decision-making among the curatorial teams and artists.

Curatorial Fellows: Qais Assali, Duncan Bass, Madalyn Brooker, Katie Cato, Luna Goldberg, Garbo Hu, Lindsey Hutchens, Stephanie Koch, Carlos Salazar Lermont, Makayla May, Adia Sykes, Maria Urigoitia Villanueva

Guest Curators: Anthony Elms, Jenny Gheith, and Kate Nesin

The Sullivan Galleries (Chicago, IL)
April 29-May 17, 2018

MFA Show Website


Artists works in photos: David Heo, Paris F. Jomadiao, Danielle Vickers, Jacob Melgren, Ben Harle, Ashley Pastrore, Jane Thompson, Kevin Demery, Minami Kobayashi, Tri Ngo, Ten Ten Y, Sunny Choi, Jenna Boyles, Tsailing Tseng, Alex Younger, Annie Wieseth, Dana Nechmad, Nicole Rinde, Barbara Polster, Kathia Muniz-Rios, Rachel Lin, Daisy McManaman, Kat Singh and Will Wiebe

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